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Having Fun with English Conversation

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The Disney song "It's a small world" rings true as more people worldwide learn English, for daily and work activity.  English is a life skill, to be practiced in daily and work activities.

Learning English conversation becomes more interesting when used with interesting topics and clear themes.  English Conversation Class at Erlass Institute offers participants the opportunity to develop English speaking abilities to think about and discuss topics in a relaxed setting.    The class is offered in 3 different steps with each step taught over 3 months like building blocks.   Videos, songs, presentations support the three classes.

English Conversation Class First Step is based on Indonesian Heritage Discovery with a focus on topics including food culture, travel destinations, traditional textiles and lifestyle.

The Walking Step follows for another 3 months covering topics from the theme of Personal/Professional Development. The success of various professions highlights their skills and expertise at this program.

The final step of Running Step covers topics from the theme of Business and Industry focusing on technology, commodities, transportation, infrastructure, creative industry.  All of the steps help participants to build vocabulary, grammar and reading skills in English.

Available either on Tuesday or Thursday evening, next English Conversation Class is due to be held on August 20, 2015 with the first four topics including the following:

- Batik by Italian fashion design students in Rome, Italy

- Indonesian food culture with William Wongso

- Interview with Indonesian actress Christine Hakim

- Komodo Dragon

All class participants are evaluated alternately by local English teachers and native speakers at the class sessions.  Their performance will be awarded with a certificate at the end of each of the three-month classes, based on attendance of 85% to 100%.


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