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Penerbit Erlangga Trains 30 Primary & Junior High School English Teachers with English Teaching Techniques related with the National Curriculum

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Penerbit Erlangga has held English conversation teacher training program since October 24, 2015 for local English teachers at primary and junior high school levels, organized by Erlass Institute.   A native speaker, Mark Roberts, teaches the sessions each Saturday over a two-month period. The program aims to upgrade local English teachers’ skills and help them prepare a good lesson plan. Most of the teachers are from private and public schools of East Jakarta.

The American instructor Mark Roberts comes from Oregon, offered a fresh new viewpoint to teaching English for students.  The Program urges primary school teachers to use illustrations, body language, writing and talking to generate interest in English for the students.  Junior high school teachers are encouraged to motivate their students in reading English books whether fiction, non-fiction, hobbies and poetry, writing short stories, and practicing actively.  Teachers are also need to practice their English likewise and integrate this in their worksheets and teaching activities.

A variety of topics related with the National Curriculum and with English Textbooks published by Penerbit Erlangga has been discussed for classroom activities among the primary school teachers. The teachers prepare worksheets towards use in the classroom and a native speaker evaluates their work.   Junior high school teachers are encouraged to improve their assessment test skills especially in listening, speaking, and writing.

Several themes are included such as pros and cons of cell phone use for youths, the human body and exploration of the solar system, healthy eating, the environment, scientific knowledge, entrepreneurial skills; Indonesian batik on a global scale; and the world’s best public transportation in 5 cities and Jakarta’s MRT program.   All the teachers are urged to find more information about the topics before the discussions and prepare their lesson plans.  In the final week, Erlass would ask the teachers to create work plan for Second Semester and assessment plan. The teachers who have been regularly participating in the training program will receive a certificate.

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