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Young Winners Awarded at Erlass English Speech Contest 2017

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Once again, Erlass Institute held its annual English Speech Contest to young students from primary and middle schools of Jakarta metropolitan area.  The annual event was held at Erlass Institute, Warung Buncit Raya, Jakarta from April 7-8, 2017.

The participating schools included Binus (Tangerang), Strada Primary School, Kemala Bhayangkari Primary School, Creative English language school, Al Azhar Syifa Budi (Kemang, South Jakarta) and other public school.  This year’s contestants showed their English language abilities in the best possible way.

During the preliminary stages, around 30 contestants gave their all before the jury of three.  Each student offered their thoughts in their speech about how their mother should love them or their favorite film.  There were standouts among the contestants and 16 made it to the final stage for Saturday, April 8, 2017.  The contestants were given a topic for their next speech titled “What is the greatest invention? What would you invent?”

The next morning, the 16 semi-finalists came to their assigned seats before presenting their speech before a jury of three, including 2 senior editors Mr. Wibi (chief editor of university text books) and Mrs. Fikri (chief editor of Esensi-popular books) from PT Penerbit Erlangga and a native speaker.  As always, the contestants astounded the jury with their mastery of English, understanding of the topic, knowledge of drones and computers.  Many of them were influenced by the search engine Google and the education of Google founders made an impression on many of them.

As each contestant gave their speech, those with a winning presentation began to show.  Their ability to engage the audience, vocal variety, attention to structure made for interesting speeches.  The standouts were Randy from Binus (Tangerang), Alwin from Al Azhar and Nicholas from Strada Primary school, all of whom the jury chose as the winners.   Nicholas won third place, Alwin came second and Randy won first place for his consistent performance.

Congratulations to all the contestants of Erlass English Speech Contest 2017! See you next year!