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Improve Your English Now!

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The new year brings new opportunities to upgrade skills in the workplace.  One of these skills is the ability to master English in daily interactions anywhere, anytime.

Reading books in English, listening to the news on the radio and television are helpful first steps to develop such skills.  Practice makes perfect and that is also true for practicing English.  Here are some helpful tips to practice English skills from listening, speaking, reading to writing.

1. Reading

The first step is to make English part of your life at home, at work, during your free time.  Reading is fundamental and helps your mind to understand the meaning of words, phrases and expressions, along with grammar and English language structure.  Having strong reading skills is an advantage to your future.  Develop a habit to read a book such as starting with children’s books and comics as the images will help you understand the story even if all the words are not understandable.  Switch the operating mode of your mobile phone, computer and tablet into English.

2. A song a day

Listening to songs, news on the radio and Internet in English without subtitles can be very helpful.  Television series, films and news reports provide rich opportunities to understand not only on what is said, but also how it is said.




3. Daily conversation

Speaking English can be a challenge for some people, but as soon as you can speak a little English, there are many ways to increase this skill and enjoy the process.  Technology provides an advantage to join voiced chats on the chat rooms of social networks and have meaningful discussions.  Try to talk and record yourself and repeat the recording a number of times until you feel happy with the results.  Above all talk to your friends, classmates, co-workers and relatives in English when you are not at an English class.  Making a group to play game or have a meal together is helpful to encourage conversation in English.


4. Create your own story

Writing in English can be very challenging to many people, but with focus on learning, this is a useful skill to master.  It is important to write down words or expressions that are useful to you and stress the meaning and examples. Then see how they are used in sentences, this would help you with better recall.  Blogs in English provide good opportunities to write comments in English and offer your thoughts on a certain topic.  No expertise necessary to write a few sentences about your thoughts of the blog.  The topic can be very simple such as a recipe or can be very technical such as gene editing.

The key to fluency in English is practice as much as possible along with participation in a class.


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